US National Academies Release Report on Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis

After a two-year effort, the US National Research Council’s Committee on the Analysis of Massive Data has released their final report, entitled “Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis”.   The effort includes perspectives from Statistics, Databases, Machine Learning, Systems and includes input from both industry and academia.  AMPLab’s Michael Jordan and Michael Franklin both served on the committee;  Jordan served as committee chair.

Information about the report is available at  and a free online version is viewable at

The main chapters of the report are:

Massive Data in Science, Technology, Commerce, National Defense, Telecommunications, and Other Endeavors

Scaling the Infrastructure for Data Management

Temporal Data and Real-time Algorithms

Large-Scale Data Representations

Resources, Trade-offs, and Limitations

Building Models from Massive Data

Sampling and Massive Data

Human Interaction with Data

The Seven Computational Giants of Massive Data Analysis