AMPLab Weekly All Hands Meeting


September 3 Andy Konwinski       (Berkeley) AMP Camp 3 Reflections
September 10 Ben Recht           (Berkeley) Challenging Problems in ML/Systems Research
September 17 Rachit Agarwal     (Berkeley) Dwarf Lantern: Small “Shark” that Glows!
September 24 Christos Kozanitis (Berkeley) Querying the genome with Genome Query Language
October 1 Jennifer Neville   (Purdue) Machine learning methods for diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of data.
October 8 Daniel Crankshaw (Berkeley) How Do Astronomers Use Databases?
October 15 Sebastien Bubeck (Princeton) Optimal discovery with probabilistic expert advice


Spring 2013 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
January 29 Andy Konwinski Developing flexible, scalable schedulers for large compute clusters
February 5 Gene Pang MDCC/MDCL
February 12 Jun Suzuki Integrating SSDs in Database Systems
February 19 Shankari Kalyanaraman VMOps: Automatically recommending VM sizing and resource settings in the cloud
March 5 Barret Rhoden Akaros: an OS for Datacenter Nodes
March 12 Tim Hunter Arriving on time: estimating travel time distributions on large-scale road networks
March 19 Kai Sachs Current trends and new challenges in Benchmark Research
April 2 Pradeep Padala Automated Scaling of Multi-tier Applications using Reinforcement Learning
April 9 John Duchi Local Privacy and Statistical Minimax Rates
April 16 Evan Sparks MLBase update
April 23 Adam Oliner Carat update
April 30 Kay Ousterhout Tiny Task


Fall 2012 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
September 11 Tim Kraska DMX: A Distributed Machine-learning System
September 18 Liwen Sun Arnold: Declarative Crowd-Machine Data Integration
September 25 Patrick Wendell Selling Big Data: Perspectives from a Summer in Enterprise Software Sales
October 2 Sara Alspaugh Towards a Data Analysis Recommendation System
October 9 Marti Hearst Crowd sourcing Prior Art Search
October 16 Mosharaf Chowdhury Network-Balanced Distributed File Systems
October 23 Aurojit Panda The Network Strikes Back: The Case for Separating Storage from Computation in Datacenters
October 30 Yuchen Zhang Communication-efficient Algorithms for Convex Optimization
November 6 Dave Pellerin Spot Pricing on EC2
November 13 Dave Patterson Fighting the Big C with the Big D
November 20 John Canny Squaring the Cloud: Superlinear Cluster Speedups by Single Node Enhancements