Real Life Datacenter Workloads

How do we ensure that AMP Lab works on important and immediate problems? One of many ways is to look at real life workloads from our industry partners and their customers.

AMP Lab is fortunate to have under our analysis the activity logs of real life, front line systems of up to 1000s of nodes servicing 100s of PB of data. As of early 2012, these logs include Hadoop, Dryad, enterprise network storage, and other similar systems, from Cloudera, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netapp, and Twitter.



We view it as a part of our academic contribution to

  • Scientifically understand these workloads,
  • Improve large scale systems according to empirical behavior,
  • Share our insights with the research community,
  • Help our industry partners innovate on design and performance, and ultimately
  • Train ourselves to be knowledgeable on using big data to improve the society at large.


Selected publications heavily influenced by real-life workloads (in reverse publication order):