Choosy: Proportional Sharing for Datacenter Jobs with Constraints

Max-Min Fairness is a flexible resource allocation mechanism used in most datacenter schedulers. However, an increasing number of jobs have hard placement constraints, restricting the machines they can run on due to special hardware or software requirements. It is unclear how to define, and achieve, max-min fairness in the presence of such constraints. We propose Constrained Max-Min Fairness (CMMF), an extension to max-min fairness that supports placement constraints, and show that it is the only policy satisfying an important property that incentivizes users to pool resources. Optimally computing CMMF is challenging, but we show that a remarkably simple online scheduler, called Choosy, approximates the optimal scheduler well. Through experiments, analysis, and simulations, we show that Choosy on average differs 2% from the optimal CMMF allocation, and lets jobs achieve their fair share quickly.