November 17, 2016
[O’Reilly Data Show] Podcast: Ben Lorica interviews Michael Franklin on the lasting legacy of AMPLab.

November 2, 2016
CACM November 2016: “Apache Spark: A Unified Engine for Big Data Processing”

October 10, 2016
The Computing Research Association Releases Statement on Data Science

September 15, 2016
[Science Daily] Data-cleaning tool for building better prediction models

June 30, 2016
Sanjay Krishnan et al. Win SIGMOD 2016 Best Demo Award

June 29, 2016
Mosharaf Chowdhury Wins the 2015 ACM SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award

May 10, 2016
West Region Hub Meeting (5/12) Available on Live Stream

April 21, 2016
Science: “Who is the Michael Jordan of Computer Science”?

April 1, 2016
AWS Big Data Blog: “Will Spark Power the Data Behind Precision Medicine?”

March 28, 2016
Hewlett Packard leads $73.5 m Series C funding in Mesosphere

March 21, 2016
ReadWrite: Baidu Using Spark SQL + Alluxio For Faster Queries

March 9, 2016
Structure Data: “UC Berkeley’s AMPLab, Where Basic Tech Research Still Reigns”

February 25, 2016
Tachyon is now Alluxio

February 19, 2016
CMSWire: “Why Does Apache Spark Matter?”

February 6, 2016
ZDNet: Apache Spark tops Big Data Users Survey

February 2, 2016
Ben Horowitz “Fireside Chat” with Mike Franklin Live Stream 2/2 5pm

January 20, 2016
Berkeley Research profiles Mike Jordan

December 22, 2015
CACM Research Highlight: Crowdsourcing Enumeration Queries

December 6, 2015
Le Monde: “Michael Jordan : Une approche transversale est primordiale pour saisir le monde actuel”

December 2, 2015
RTInsights: What’s Behind the Attraction to Apache Spark

December 2, 2015
K. Shankari and the E-Mission Project Featured in New Indian Express Article

December 2, 2015
UC Berkeley News: The AMPLab Stands Up To Big Data (an Interview with Mike Franklin)

November 19, 2015
AMPCamp 6 Live Streaming Now

November 9, 2015
Datanami: Skip the Ph.D. and Learn Spark?

November 5, 2015
Daily Cal reports on the West Region Big Data Hub

November 5, 2015
[HPC Wire] Cray, AMPLab, NERSC Collaboration Targets Spark Performance on HPC Platforms

September 24, 2015
AMP Camp 6 registration open now!

September 9, 2015
Newsweek: AMPLab’s Joey Gonzalez and Others Opine on Apple’s AI Hiring Push

August 20, 2015
Paige Roberts: The Spark that Set the Hadoop World on Fire

August 19, 2015
Mesos making news and vying for “Unicorn” status

July 31, 2015
Mike Jordan and BDAS in Science

July 30, 2015
Mike Franklin Interviewed on Spark, NoSQL and the Future of Data Management

July 28, 2015
AMPLab Sponsors Amazon Web Services, IBM, Huawei, and Microsoft all Providing Cloud-based Spark Offerings

July 16, 2015
O’Reilly’s Ben Lorica interviews AMPLab’s Ben Recht and spells out the 6 reasons why he is a fan of KeystoneML

July 10, 2015
SparkHub: A new community site for Apache Spark

June 30, 2015
AMPLab Looms Large in CACM “Big Tent” Article

June 18, 2015
ReadWrite Blog: Big Data Depends On Big Community, Not Big Money

June 18, 2015
O’Reilly Radar interviews Patrick Wendell on Spark’s Roots and Future

June 14, 2015
Tachyon Nexus Listed as one of “9 Hot Storage Companies to Watch”

June 2, 2015
KeystoneML: A New Machine Learning Framework for BDAS

May 9, 2015
Datanami Interviews Reynold Xin about Spark’s Project Tungsten

April 30, 2015
Oreilly Radar Interviews Kay Ousterhout on Spark Performance

April 28, 2015
AMPLab Alumni Zaharia and Duchi Win Big in the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Awards

April 27, 2015
Siri Said to Run on a Large Mesos Cluster

March 26, 2015
Infoworld: Five Reasons to Turn to Spark for Big Data Analytics

March 17, 2015
Tachyon Nexus is the latest BDAS Spinout from the AMPLab

February 28, 2015
Datanami: Apache Spark Ecosystem Continues to Build

February 24, 2015
Ken Goldberg at Davos: “Forget Singularity, let’s talk Multiplicity”

January 30, 2015
AMPLab’s Joseph and Talwalkar To Teach EdX MOOCs on Big Data and Scalable ML with Spark

January 22, 2015
O’Reilly Radar Post including ML Pipelines, Ben Recht and a hint about Velox

January 11, 2015
Datanami: Spark Know-how High on list of Must-Have Skills to Land Top Big Data Jobs in 2015

December 13, 2014
Apache Spark and Java 8: The Big Data Team for 2015

December 6, 2014
Best Student Paper Award at LISA 2014

October 21, 2014
Pivotal and EMC building on Tachyon

October 10, 2014
Spark 100TB and 1PB Sort on a Public Cloud Cluster

October 7, 2014
INFORMS On-line: Michael Franklin interview on “The Burgeoning Field of Big Data”

October 2, 2014
Scientific American features Carat App in Podcast

September 17, 2014 Ken Goldberg – Pushing the Boundaries of Art and Technology (and Haberdashery)

September 14, 2014
FastML Blog: Mike Jordan’s Thoughts on Deep Learning

September 13, 2014
Apache Spark 1.1 Released

September 10, 2014
O’Reilly Data: Josh Rosen’s Spark Pull Request Browser

September 5, 2014
Fall 2014 AMP Seminar Schedule Finalized

August 18, 2014
PBS Chosen as a Research Highlight for August CACM

August 12, 2014
More AMPLab Press: NY Times and Chronicle of Higher Ed

August 11, 2014
GigaOm: The Lab that Created Spark Wants to Speed Up Everything, Including Cures for Cancer

August 11, 2014
Redhat Announces Glusterfs integration with Tachyon

July 28, 2014
Prof. Michael Jordan Wins 2015 Rumelhart Prize

July 26, 2014
Data Science 101: SparkR – Interactive R Programs at Scale

July 24, 2014
Tachyon 0.5.0 released

July 18, 2014
Spark Summit Videos Now Online

June 13, 2014
Prof. Ken Goldberg and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Initiate Ambitious Crowdsourcing Project to Improve California Government

April 23, 2014
Spark Momentum Continues: Added to MapR and Hortonworks Distros

April 8, 2014
Mahout to run on Spark

February 28, 2014
Could the Internet of Things Connect Everything?

February 28, 2014
Spark Becomes Top Level Apache Project

February 12, 2014
New Results Posted for the SQL “Big Data Benchmark”

February 2, 2014
Curt Monash Blogs about Spark’s Emerging Role

January 12, 2014
AMPLab Cancer Genomics Efforts Highlighted

December 24, 2013
Ben Recht wins PECASE Award

December 20, 2013
AMPLab Featured in California Magazine Article

November 16, 2013
Posts and Articles cite Increasing Momentum Behind Spark

November 13, 2013
Berkeley, NYU, U Washington Collaborate on Moore/Sloan Data Science Initiative

November 12, 2013
AMPLab Progress Announced at White House Big Data Event

October 30, 2013
GigaOm: “Spark is a really big deal for big data and cloudera gets it”

October 28, 2013
AMPLab Sponsors 1st Spark Summit in San Francisco

August 30, 2013
“Big Learn” Workshop at NIPS Call for Papers

August 21, 2013
Ben Lorica’s Strata Post HIghlights BlinkDB

July 1, 2013
US National Academies Release Report on Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis

June 21, 2013
UC Berkeley joins the Global Alliance to create genomic database

June 19, 2013
Zaharia, Spark, AMPLab, et al. featured on

June 4, 2013
EdTech Highlights AMPLab Storage Efforts

May 29, 2013
ACM SIGMOD “Test of Time Award” for Acquisitional Query Processing

May 25, 2013
UCSB Researchers Release MDCC Implementation

May 7, 2013
Spark Video Tutorials Now Available

April 29, 2013
Shark, PIQL and Bolt-On Consistency among 5 AMPLab papers to appear at ACM SIGMOD Conf.

April 28, 2013
Oreilly Strata: Preview of the Tachyon in-memory File System

April 25, 2013
Yahoo! Describes AMPLab Synergy, Donates Servers To University

April 20, 2013
Professor David Patterson sets the APA RAW California State Record

April 18, 2013
AMPLab Wins Eurosys Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards

April 18, 2013
GigaOm: “Welcome to Berkeley: Where Hadoop isn’t nearly fast enough”

April 11, 2013
Trushkowsky, Kraska, Franklin and Sarkar Win Best Paper Award at ICDE 2013

April 6, 2013
Sameer Agarwal wins Facebook Graduate Fellowship

March 27, 2013
For whom the bell tolls: Big D v. Big C

March 25, 2013
Visiting Researcher Shinji Nakadai wins Oakland Marathon — and then runs home…

March 16, 2013
AirBnB open sources Chronos, a new Mesos framework

March 5, 2013
Mesos, Hindman, Wilkes, AMPLab et al. Featured in Wired Article: “Return of the Borg: How Twitter Rebuilt Google’s Secret Weapon”

March 1, 2013
Amazon Announces Support for Spark, Shark, Mesos on Elastic MapReduce

February 28, 2013
ACM Member News Features David Patterson

February 28, 2013
People of ACM Highlights Professor David Patterson

February 27, 2013
Shark in GigaOM Article: “SQL is What’s Next for Hadoop”

February 24, 2013
AWS Makes it Easy to Run Spark/Shark on Elastic MapReduce

February 22, 2013
MLbase: Scalable machine-learning made accessible

February 18, 2013
O’Reilly blog post on the Future of Big Data with BDAS

February 15, 2013
AMP Genomics work recognized at Bears Annual Event

February 14, 2013
AMP Lab holds open house poster session as part of the BEARS annual research symposium

February 5, 2013
Silicon Angle: Spark one of “5 Top Open Source Projects in Big Data”

February 1, 2013
Upcoming Big Data Crash Course at Strata hosted by the AMPLab

December 21, 2012
BDAS Finds its Place on the 451 Research “Database Landscape Map”

December 16, 2012
DBMS2: Influential Industry Blog posts on BDAS/AMPLab Etc.

December 12, 2012
Ion Stoica Named ACM Fellow

December 6, 2012
AMP Researchers Propose a Million Cancer Genome Warehouse

December 6, 2012
Spark/Shark a Big Hit at AWS re:Invent

December 1, 2012
Datanami: Shark Attack on SQL and Analytics

November 27, 2012
New Chancellor Excited About Berkeley Big Data Effort

November 27, 2012
@bigdata: O’Reilly Strata Blog on Shark Analytics

November 20, 2012
Trending on Quora: How Does Impala Compare to Shark?

November 4, 2012
Blog: MDCC (Multi Data Center Consistency) Explained

November 1, 2012
“Big Picture Science Radio”: Ken Goldberg opines on Big Data

October 30, 2012
CNN Sandy Coverage: Carat can help keep phone battery charged

September 16, 2012
AMP Camp videos now available online

August 21, 2012
O’Reilly Radar: Ben Lorica on “Seven Reasons I Like Spark”

August 14, 2012
AMP Researchers win Best Paper award at SIGCOMM 12

August 11, 2012
SJ Mercury News: Berkeley AMPLab in Story on Addressing Big Data Challenges

August 3, 2012
Forbes: AMP Lab and Director Michael Franklin in Blog: “The White House Speaks Out On the Economic Power of Big Data”

June 18, 2012
Wired: AMP Grad Ari Rabkin On Why Some Programming Languages Catch On and Others Don’t

June 14, 2012
Techcrunch: Carat: The Brilliant App That Increases Your Battery Life By Showing What Other Apps To Kill

June 5, 2012
Amazon Web Services Joins Founding Sponsors of AMPLab

May 24, 2012
Shark Wins Best Demo Award at SIGMOD 2012

May 21, 2012
AMPLab Students Sameer Agarwal and Aurojit Panda Named 2012 Qualcomm Innovation Fellows

May 11, 2012
iHealth Beat Audio Report: AMPLab and Big Data for Health Care

April 25, 2012
Spark Wins Best Paper Award at NSDI ’12

April 14, 2012
NY Times 4/8/12, “Berkeley Group Digs In to Challenge of Making Sense of All That Data”

March 30, 2012
AMP $10M NSF Expeditions Award announced at White House OSTP Event

March 5, 2012
Prof. Ion Stoica in the Boston Globe on the Employment Impact of Cloud Computing

February 18, 2012
Mosharaf Chowdhury and John Duchi Win Facebook Fellowships

February 9, 2012
Scott Shenker elected to Nat’l Academy of Engineering

January 31, 2012
CFP: Cloud Futures 2012 Workshop, Berkeley, CA, May 7-8

December 7, 2011
Dave Patterson in NY Times: How Computer Science can Help Fight Cancer

November 16, 2011
AMPLab Researchers win SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

November 5, 2011
IBM DeveloperWorks Article on Spark

October 20, 2011
TechCrunch: Prof. Ken Goldberg Announces New Crowdsourcing StartUp

October 18, 2011
Armando Fox chosen as Gilbreth Lecturer

October 14, 2011
Intel Chip Chat: David Patterson on Using Data Analytics to Help Fight Cancer

October 4, 2011
[AMPLab Cloud Seminar] Transactional storage for geo-replicated systems

September 19, 2011
VLDB Crowd Tutorial Slides Online

September 14, 2011
CS 294-75 “Cancer Genomics and Computing”

September 7, 2011
[AMPLab Cloud Seminar] GraphLab: A Framework for Asynchronous Parallel Machine Learning

September 1, 2011
CrowdDB wins VLDB 2011 Best Demo Award

August 16, 2011
Crowdsourcing and Databases Tutorial at VLDB 2011

July 8, 2011
ComputerWorld reports on HotCloud’11 paper by Gunho Lee and Randy Katz

June 30, 2011
Next AMPLab Retreat, January 11th-13th, 2012

June 30, 2011
David Patterson to teach new graduate seminar “Cancer Genomics and Computing”

June 30, 2011
Results from OpinionSpace at AMPLab Summer ’11 Retreat

June 30, 2011
CFP: VLDB Journal – Special Issue on Large-Scale Analytics

June 9, 2011
Michael Franklin interviewed by Swedish TV4

June 7, 2011
David Patterson celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the “bible” of computer architecture

May 25, 2011
AMP Lab Summer Research Retreat 5.23-5.25.11

December 9, 2010
Pics from 12.10 AMP Lab Retreat